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I don’t want them to think he’s taking advantage of me in any way or that he’s creepy. I know they would love him if they met him, assuming they didn’t automatically shut him down because of age. Jayant says, “Very rarely would you find someone in your family and friends who will give you valid tips for dating an older man or share their thoughts objectively.

Consider The Siblings’ Age Gaps

They will come with their own agendas, projecting their own fears on you. The majority of the people around us tend to think in right and wrong, black and white. They won’t understand how this world is gray.

Be open to having a conversation and listening to their concerns. The more you listen and absorb what they have to say, the more likely they are going to trust you and this new relationship. DON’T always assume the guy is just in it to “hit it and quit it”.

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“People often ask whether an older man is more mature than a younger one,” Sherman adds. “It depends upon the individual and their development and history. That said, extra years of life experience do often lead to greater maturity in relationships, and more life wisdom.” A range of generation gap-related issues can be easier to bridge when you’re over 40 as well.

Accept it for now and maybe they will increase your privileges with time. You want your parents to take you seriously. Do not use an aggressive or whiney tone to convince them. DO NOT say that you “can’t live” without him. Having such an extreme reaction will just show your parents that you are still immature. Make sure to emphasize how this relationship will have a positive effect on your life and how you see yourself.

Once you’re sure that you’re in it for all the right reasons and decide to take the leap, you’ll have to learn to navigate the relationship maze from a fresh perspective. There is much that makes the idea of dating an older man irresistible. Gee, I’m feeling a little weak in the knees even as I write this. Probably because images of George Clooney and Hugh Grant are swarming my mind. OK, but what if you’ve only been dating this person for a couple months or maybe even just a few weeks?

It is advisable to answer every question as honestly and fully as possible to reassure them about your new relationship. If you try to hide or lie about something, your parents may become suspicious and anxious. It’s normal to feel apprehensive about telling your parents about your new relationship. Practicing what you’ll say to them can make it easier.

Is it a couple of years or are we talking about almost a generational gap? Then certain interesting things might come into play. Let’s say the younger partner is in their mid-20s and the man is in his 40s. If we increase the age by ten years for both, it would still fit this scenario. So you are falling for this amazing human being who’s some 15 to 20 years older than you and you are not quite sure how to date an older man or what to expect from this relationship.

For instance, your points of reference for things in life or pop culture influence can be markedly different. This can make finding common ground to connect over a lot harder. I’m a single dad myself, and I have dated single mothers before, one of which had potential to get serious. I’d give him two weeks to show that he is serious with you.

And I know that my daughter wouldn’t like it either… so yes, I see a conflict situation here. Are you looking to hook up or interested in a long-term partner? Most single parents want to know what type of commitment you’re looking for from them, and how much you’re willing to commit in return. Whatever the case, it’s best to be honest and communicative as you start dating.

However, don’t use picking a good time as a way to continually put off telling them. You will need to tell them eventually, so you might as well get it over with. If you’re afraid you’ll get flustered, it’s perfectly fine to write out what you think you’ll say. This can help you process what you want to say so that you can present your new relationship in the best way possible. That way, when the time comes, you’ll be able to get it out without stopping.

Ask your kids where they’d like to go and don’t invite your partner’s children to join you on the first few visits. Just because you are smitten with your new love, it doesn’t mean that your kids will share your positive feelings. In fact, children of divorce often feel rivalry with their parents’ love interest –especially the first few years after the divorce. One friend of mine was barred from her mother’s funeral, long after coming out to her family. I’m sure she was not the first, and won’t be the last, to suffer such rejection. ” This my mom asks as if I wear red lipstick and do my hair to sit around the house and watch Family Feud for the millionth time.

Remember what your parents usually ask of you and complete it before they have to remind you. This responsible behavior will show your parents that you hold their opinions in high regard. People will not go out of their way to give you what you want, so don’t waste your parents time by complaining to them about every little thing that has not gone your way. Wait, the man is low value, his kids will grow without respect and him being controlling?

After that, you could come across as nagging or place them in a position where they feel they need to choose between you and their partner. If you force them to choose, there is always a chance they’ll choose their partner over you no matter how tight your bond is with them. Instead, you might try to openly communicate your concerns. They found that having shared interests, among other factors, can help predict the likelihood of a good relationship. You may find a common interest to bond over or at least something that you can learn more about. If you look hard enough, most people have at least some redeeming qualities about them.