Switzerland Daily Life And Social Customs

Millions of years after dinosaurs ruled the Earth, the skeleton of a giant Tyrannosaurus Rex was introduced to the public in Switzerland on Wednesday ahead of its auction next month. Unicis Switzerland, your dating agency of Switzerland, offers https://datingreport.org/ you Individual and personalized matching, group events and coaching. She is career minded but also family oriented, funny, affectionate, spontaneous, and outgoing. She is looking for a partner who enjoys life and who has a positive attitude.

Which areas should you visit in Zurich?

Therefore, despite Swiss German being the local language, you will likely get by just fine speaking English, which is good news for expats. That said, you could astound the locals and experience otherwise guarded social intricacies by learning some German. Just like in other Western countries, there are several traditional ways to meet people in Switzerland, such as going to bars and clubs and through social circles. A busy day at Zürich HB, the main train station of ZurichApartments are the most common type of accommodation found in Switzerland.


It is certainly pricier than down in the southern areas like Erlenbach. Meanwhile, Restaurant RICO’S in Küsnacht offers up wildly popular, sophisticated eats that are considered among the best in Zurich . For drinks, Sonne am See is the perfect beer garden for summer. And Fischstübli in Erlenbach is ideal for cozy dining by the lake .

And in winter, the scenic lake is transformed into a giant natural ice rink. If you’re looking for something fun indoors, though, you can hit the bowling lanes at FUN BOWL Stockmatt. Because it is so close to Lake Katzensee and offers a lot of green space, Affoltern strikes a unique balance between the edgy industrial chic that other parts of Zurich are famed for. Needless to say, it is the ideal location for nature lovers who enjoy a laid-back life. Because Kreis 5 is bustling and popular, there is always a big demand for living in the district.

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It is a good place for both meeting new people or dancing the night away, with a good music program updated on their website. The mind-expanding LED lights and its retro-disco touch are awesome. All things considered, there is no dress code here, so come as glamorous or casual as you want. KronenhalleThe skilled and expert chefs have made this one of the most frequently visited restaurants in the city, due to its international menu and local specialties. Set in the heart of Zurich, the interior is magnificent with contemporary art adorning each wall.

Expats with a love of the great outdoors and community who still want to be in touch or have to work in the city center. It’s also great for families with plenty of outdoor activities and a neighborhood where you can relax with young kids about. Housing in the industrial Districts 3 and 4 is a bit more affordable, as are the options in Districts 9, 11, and 12 , or nearer to Zurich Airport. All of these areas are easily accessible to the city center with public transport. Swiss ladies are much more reserved when it comes to interpersonal communication. If you’re a stranger, a Swiss woman will not touch you, for example.

With this in mind, here are some key things to be aware of. This frank and irreverent guide to Swiss people shares some insight to the country’s character and culture. Fans of electronic music get their money’s worth at the “Zukki” – and often the club smoker’s room, “Bar 3000”, holds a party of its own. This members-only club adapts its opening hours to the mood of the party – and Friday evening often goes on until Sunday morning. In past years, Zürich has repeatedly been chosen as the city with the highest quality of life in the world.

It is common in the Swiss dating culture to date people someone from your inner circle introduced you to. Like I said, my cousin is happily married to a Swiss woman and they have two adorable, very polite girls. If they manage to find a partner who is somewhat similar to them, a lot of Swiss women will get into a relationship for the sole purpose of having a child. Swiss women really are chill for the most part and will not cause you any unexpected stress in life. Dating Swiss girls could eventually become a routine if you don’t try to spice things up every once in a while with an exotic trip, or something similar.

Where to live in Zurich

So if you want to date a stunning Swiss girl, check our detailed guide into the Swiss dating scene and local women’s characteristics. One of the largest and most popular annual events in Zürich is the Street Parade, which is also one of the largest techno and dance music festivals in the world. Proceeding along the side of Lake Zürich, it is normally held on the second Saturday in August. The first edition was held in 1992 with about 1,000 participants. The Zürifäscht, on the other hand, is a triennial public festival.

Enjoy superbly presented, state-of-the-art displays on Swiss history and culture in this mock-Gothic castle with a modern wing. The Swiss National Museum provides a deep understanding of swiss culture. Switzerland’s largest city has shaken off its reputation as Europe’s sourpuss and you’ll find its still pristinely clean streets abuzz with newfound confidence on the back of global recognition.