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Demokrat is an Armenian luxury furniture company which started its history in 2010.

Founders Henrikh Gevorgyan and Sons established a small family business and started their production in area of only 55 meters.

After 6 month of operation their production became successful and they enlarged it.

With Demokrat, you can fulfill your expectations about the interior with the best and most accurate solutions.

Who we are

"Demokrat" is your reliable partner in the world of furniture in Yerevan. We specialize in creating and selling high quality furniture with elegant design and durability.

Our team of experienced craftsmen guarantees the quality of every detail, using modern and reliable materials.

We offer a wide range for all styles and interiors. Individual approach to each client is our priority. We make it easy for you to choose the perfect furniture for your home.

Authentic quality and a strong commitment

Why choose us

Authentic quality and a strong commitment to research, social responsibility and environmental sustainability are the corporate values.
Contact us

To order and clarify questions, call us, write to e-mail or in social networks.
16/4 Admiral Isakov avenue
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